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MEDIHEAL Bubble Sheet Mask (10sheets)


This unique bubble mask sheet specialises in deeply cleansing the pores, making them appear tighter and leaving the skin brighter.

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HUXLEY SET [5 items]

$160.00 $150.00

HUXLEY Set with 3 different types of Mask and 2 types of cleansers. Purchase this set to achieve the best results.

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[TonyMoly] Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch


This product transform dry and dull lips into moisturised and plump.

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[SNP] Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask 25ml


Anti-Wrinkle Mask to boost dull skin cells with elastic energy that make skin radiant and resilient.

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[COSRX] Aloe Vera Oil Free Moisture Cream-100ml

$30.00 $28.00

Aloe Vera Oil Free Moisture Cream – Formulated with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water 90%

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[Thank You Farmer] Miracle Age Repair Toner 150ml

$50.00 $48.00

This powerful anti-ageing formula helps restore healthy, youthful skin by brightening, toning, and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

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[NEOGEN] Real Fresh Foam-Blueberry

$26.00 $25.00

Blueberry helps skin to keep glowing and hydrating by constant supply of moisture.

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[Thank You Farmer] Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream 20g

$50.00 $47.00

A concentrated nourishing eye cream in the texture of a rich cream cheese to protect the sensitive eye area. 

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